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5. My letter to Sam Valverde, then and still the "Secretary of Christian Education" for the Apostolic Assembly and also currently a pastor, focused on the issue of pants in response to his article in one of their publications ("Holiness: Part 3", Preserving Doctrinal Unity, Apostolic Biblical Expositor, 2nd Quarter, [Manna Apostolic Publications, Los Angeles, CA, 1994], 51) that stated Deut. 22:5 (the article actually had 22:9) "is used to prove that woman should 'not wear pants'". In his letter dated October 24, 1994, Mr. Valverde first agreed with my hermeneutical analysis of Deut. 22:5 and later admitted that he "should have put the word prove ('prove') in quotes, in order to emphasize the point."

However, his comments elsewhere dulled their truthfulness. For instance, he emphatically stated that his article explains "one should not interpret the text the way you accuse me of doing" (his emphasis). Yet in his article, he states "but to interpret this verse in this way ONLY, violates the hermeneutical laws..." (my emphasis). Clearly this is an acceptance of the flawed interpretation and only an objection to it being the only interpretation. He then denounced the fact that I did not provide a reference "by a recognized authority" for one of my statements, yet he ignored the fact that he did not always provide documentation for several of his statements.