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3. David K. Bernard, The Oneness of God (Word Aflame Press, 1983), chapter 10. Bernard tries to provide evidence that the "early Christian leaders in the days immediately following the apostolic age were Oneness", however, it is a pathetic attempt at best as I demonstrate here.

Now I have not read all the books or articles written by modern Oneness Pentecostals regarding the nature of God, but I would surmise that in most of them, you would find, at least once, the statement: "Jesus is the Father" (Bernard can't help but make the statement in his book about salvation -- The New Birth, Word Aflame Press, 1984, chapter 7). Now if what the apostles wrote (the Bible and other noncanonical books) was clearly what Oneness Pentecostals believe, why won't you find this statement even once? Could this be why their writings were never destroyed? And unless Oneness adherents want to go the way of Mormons, they cannot say that today's Bible can be trusted only as far it is translated correctly.